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I LOVE TIGERS. and cats.

I blog what i like, i blog what i wear every day, i blog ALOT of tights, i blog things which catch my eye.
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Gemma - 09.04.2014 - London (x)


Gemma - 09.04.2014 - London (x)

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Róbert A Borbás, Dark Art Tattoo, Hungary 

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Hate how much its possible to miss something and how much that can tear you up inside.

Hate how its the little things that stick amd play over n over in your head.

Hate how a thought can make you feel so guilty.

Hate how one thing not being there will make you feel lost n cry without reason.

I fucking hate living in my head sometimes.

I hate it so much more that you feel this way about something that probably doesnt feel the same about you.

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instagram: sabrinakongsted


instagram: sabrinakongsted

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